Existing Property Advice Bondage

Consulting on how to mortgage an existing property

Is a mortgage only for those purchasing a house? Not necessarily.

EP Mortgage provides consulting services to foreign residents in the field of mortgaging an existing property in Israel, based on its vast experience and knowledge of the banking system in Israel.
In most cases, taking a mortgage is done for the purchase of property - but not always.

If in the past you purchased fully self-financed property, you can now leverage the investment to obtain a loan for the purpose of purchasing additional properties in Israel. This loan can serve you for various purposes: purchase of additional properties in Israel and abroad, home improvement, executing other transactions, and more.

In the framework of our services we will clarify your needs:
• The purpose of the loan
• The duration of the loan (short or long term)
• What monthly repayment suits you.

After defining your needs, we will create the mortgage package that precisely matches your needs: We will check the feasibility of the loan in the relevant banking institutions and then we will hold a tender between the banks without any obligation to a certain bank and we will get you the best loan with regard to:
• Maturity date
• The correct currency for taking the loan ($, €, £, CHF, and more).
• Interest rate
• Percentage of funding (of the total value of the property)

EP Mortgage undertakes the process of recycling with minimum involvement and maximum comfort for you, and continues providing service even after receipt of the loan if the customer requests early repayment or a change in its conditions.