Working with investors and developers

Mortgage Counseling for Groups of Investors

You formed an partnership together to buy property in Israel?

Let us help you get a loan to finance the property and save you time and money.
For investor groups EP Mortgage provides consulting and follow-up services for obtaining a mortgage to purchase property in Israel.

Groups of investors interested in buying plots of land and buildings for residential or commercial investment, capital gain improvements and sales will benefit from EP Mortgage's knowledge, experience, and profound familiarity with the banking system, as well as its ability to find creative solutions to complex needs.

We have helped a large number of groups with complex high-budget real estate projects.

We have vast experience in providing consulting services to groups, including creating a basis for regular communication with all members of the group, bridging gaps that may emerge among the members, and representing the group before the banks in Israel while firmly maintaining integrity and absolute confidentiality.

The service to investor groups includes:

• Ongoing supervision of the project account from receiving the loan   to acquiring the property, according to the needs of the group.
• Examination of the feasibility of receiving a loan
• Conducting a tender between banks for the most attractive offer
• A recommendation for selecting the bank from which the loan will be taken
• Overseeing the bureaucratic process required to obtain the actual mortgage
• We work in full cooperation with your various representatives (project manager, lawyer, or any other representative on your behalf).

Our goal is to lead you to receiving a loan with excellent conditions. To this end, we work as your private bankers. We are committed to absolute objectivity and not tied to a particular bank. The fact that we have excellent working relationships with all banks helps you get preferential conditions.
We conduct a tender among the banks and compare the bids received from different commercial departments of various banking institutions with respect to the following variables:

• Interest rate
• Currency of the loan ($, €, £, CHF, and more).
• An early repayment option without penalties
• The loan period
• Change of loan terms
• Savings in bank fees EP Mortgage accompanies you throughout the project from the beginning to its realization with maximum profit, and manages the project account carefully, responsibly, and with complete discretion with ongoing monitoring.