Mortgage Advice For Individuals

Mortgage Consulting for Individuals

Need financing for property purchased for investment or for private use in Israel, but reluctant to undergo the anticipated process?

EP Mortgage will be glad to help shatter the myth and help you get a loan to purchase property the easiest, most convenient, and most cost-effective.way.

EP Mortgage provides consulting and follow-up services for receiving a mortgage to purchase property in Israel, services based on extensive experience and profound acquaintance with the banking system in Israel.

The service includes:
• Examination of feasibility for receiving a loan
• Conducting a tender between banks for the most attractive interest rates.
• A recommendation for selecting the bank from which the loan will be taken.
• Overseeing the bureaucratic process required to obtain the actual mortgage.
• Accompanying the client at the end of the acquisition and handling all long-term aspects of the loan, including updates on the remaining loan balance, early repayment assistance, increasing the loan if necessary, and so on.

During the process, we hold a tender among the various banking institutions with respect to the following parameters:

• Interest rate
• Currency of the loan ($, €, £, CHF, and more).
• An early repayment option without penalties.
• The loan period
• Changing the terms of an existing loan (for parameters concerning the type of currency,
  the loan repayment period, and the repayment rate)
• Savings in bank fees (file opening commissions, exchange commissions, and exchange rates, and more.).

After presenting a variety of options, we will recommend the alternative that provides the best conditions, and will do whatever actions are required in order to complete the purchase.

The mortgage consulting process is adapted to your specific needs and designed not only to save you money but also to save you time and to make things easier for you in every way possible:
• The process does not require your arrival in Israel
• We perform all the bureaucratic processes for you
• We are committed to absolute confidentiality
• We work in full cooperation with your lawyer or any other representative  on your behalf
• Just as important, we accompany you even after receiving the loan - and that is what makes us unique.

We aim to be your only point of contact for managing the loan in Israel, and are prepared to answer any questions or assist you at any time with any loan-related request including changing its conditions, its early repayment, and more.