Eva Perez

Eva Peretz, founder and director of EP Mortgage, is a former banker with over 20 years experience working within the Israeli banking system.
Eva started her banking career in 1989 in the Union Bank in the Private Banking Department where she specialized in credit and managing Israeli accounts. At a later stage she was assigned to the team of bankers who first established the bank's mortgage department - a position where she acquired extensive and specialized knowledge in mortgage and financing.

In the year 1995 new horizons opened before Eva, who speaks fluent English and French, when she joined the department that specializes in private banking for foreign residents. In this position Eva specialized in managing foreign resident accounts, investments and mortgages. In her last bank position Eva dealt in the field of investments in Israel and abroad.

After 20 challenging, diverse, and fruitful years, Eva decided to harness her extensive banking knowledge to make the exhausting, bureaucratic and nerve-wracking process of obtaining a mortgage into a simple and pleasant experience to encourage foreign residents to return to invest in Israel. For this purpose she established in 2006 the EP Mortgage Company.

Eva encountered both Israeli and foreign citizens who received loans that did not match their needs and who had to give up the purchase because of differences in outlook and bureaucratic hurdles, forcing them to finance the purchase of the property from their own equity capital.

As required by the nature of the job and the mentality of the clientele, and with complete compatibility with her own personality and the values she brought with her from the banking world, Eva ensured professional, dedicated, reliable, discreet service, to people who invested their hard-earned money in Israel. Her natural tendency to provide excellent service and the great importance she attaches to welcoming foreign residents, led her to establishing an independent business and relieving her customers from having to undergo this process.

It is Eva's goal to provide premium and creative service. Her customers enjoy superior quality service, and Eva's knowledge and vast experience in the banking world- all these factors help and motivate them to return to invest in Israel.